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Week of 9/9/19:

Mon. 9/9 (day 1 altered, 40 min): WU- pH   Organic Molecules. Monomer vs. Polymer legos. Organic Molecule foldable, organic molecule lab testing foldable. Paper triglyceride and phospholipids. Observe the lipid lab test. HW:  Vocabulary for 2.1 and 2.2 due tomorrow. Quiz tomorrow over Water and pH.

Tues 9/10 (day 2 altered, 55 min): WU – Macromolecules Quiz – Water, Solutions, pH. Carbohydrates.  HW: remainder of the vocabulary due Monday.

Wed. 9/11 (day 3 altered, 35 min): WU – Lipids and Carbohydrates Proteins and Denaturing HW: see last night

Thurs 9/12 (day 4 altered, 85 min):  WU -Proteins Organic Breakfast Lab HW: Vocabulary due Monday. Test over 2.1-2.7  Wednesday next week.

Fri. 9/13 (day 5 altered, 25 min):  WU -Lab Tests Nucleic Acids  HW: Vocab due Monday. Test over unit 2 Wednesday – start studying and doing study guide over the weekend.

coming up: review chapter, test, enzymes

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