McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Unit 1 – The Science of Biology

Overview chpt 1 – essential questions, vocabulary list, study guide/learning goals

Vocabulary flipbook chapter 1

Daily warm ups Chapter 1


Characteristics of Life:

Characteristics of Life powerpoint

Characteristics of Life Mnemonic image and concept map

Characteristics of Life worksheet

Characteristics of Life Tree concept map


Taxonomy powerpoint

Kingdoms of Life Wheel

*The classification pyramid will be handed out in class


The Scientific Method: 

Are Elephants Afraid of Mice?  video

Scientific method powerpoint lesson (click here for the PDF version)

Guided notes for scientific method powerpoint


Scientific Method Card Sort

How to write effective hypotheses – identify variables, controlled experiment

Collecting and Organizing Data powerpoint – How to Make Great Data Tables

Graphing in Biology Powerpoint – how to choose the best graph for your data

Creating Graphs on Excel

Graphing Skills worksheet

Graph Types Card Sort

What Does Our Data Mean? constructing box-plots and doing t-tests on Excel

Bozeman Biology Video Unit on Statistics and Graphing 

 Video of the 5-number summary and Box-plots

Claim-Evidence-Reasoning: how to write an effective discussion

CER practice worksheet + transition words

The Metric System

Metric System Stairstep notes  video review can be found under “Brebeuf Biology Video Tutorials” link at the right sidebar


Natural Selection:

Cricket Cartoon

Natural Selection Video Lesson  + the Guided Notes

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