McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Week of 9/16/19:

Mon. 9/16 (day 1, 40 min): WU- nucleic acids  Chapter review game, time to work on Organic Breakfast Lab or chapter study guide.  HW: Breakfast Lab due tomorrow, Chapter test Wednesday

Tues 9/17 (day 2 , 60 min): no WU    Set up BILL for next chapter, then discuss levels of protein structure and chemical reactions  HW: Test chapter 2 tomorrow. Finish study guide. BILLS will be collected and graded tomorrow.

Wed. 9/18 (day 3, 40 min): no WU Test Chapter 2. Finish chapter reflection after the test. HW: complete unit 2a Enzymes vocabulary for Monday.

Thurs 9/19 (day 4, 100 min):  no WU   Mrs. Busybody analogy story, Enzymes in Action Foam Model Lab HW: Pectinase video worksheet due Tuesday

Fri. 9/20 (day 5, 30min):   WU -Chemical Reactions Finish lab.   HW:  Unit 2a vocab due Monday. Pectinase video worksheet due Tuesday.

coming up: Enzyme wet lab, quiz Thursday, begin chapter on cells Friday

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