McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Chapter 15 -Genetic Engineering









Chapter 15 – Biotechnology chapter overview

Chapter 15 Vocabulary


DNA and Human Genetics

Human Disorders powerpoint lesson

Video – Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania

Video clip reflection questions – Albinism



  Royal Hemophilia activity



Overview Chapter 15 DNA Technology

Vocabulary chapter 15- DNA Technology


Pre-test Chpt 15 –  How much do you know about biotechnology?

Genetic Engineering Powerpoint – transgenic organisms and cloning

Bacterial Transformation/Recombinant DNA powerpoint – there are some animations and videos to help with this subject under the “review” tab.

Engineering Insulin-recombinant DNA cut and paste


Cloning Cut-and-Paste flow chart

Snuppy the Puppy Cloning Article

Genetically Modified Foods Case Study

NOVA: Cracking Your Genetic Codestream the video from the PBS website.  Take notes on interesting facts and things you want further clarification about.  


Utah Genetics “Click and Clone” – 

Why should we clone? 

Then try this game:  Is it Cloning? Or Not? 

Cloning Myths


Xenotransplantation Case Study   or GM foods – salmon 









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