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DNA Extraction Lab


Learning Goals: extract the DNA from a living organism such as strawberries, peas or your cheek cells; design and perform an alternate experiment using other DNA sources, different detergents, or changing the steps; determine the importance of each reagent in the DNA extraction process.

Key Concepts:  DNA structure, size and polarity; plasma membrane structure; designing an experiment; formulating a hypothesis

Download a copy of the DNA extraction lab procedure – from

Click here for the Grading Rubric of the Mini-Poster Lab Report

Now that you know how to extract DNA, you will design and carry out your own experiment.  Use another DNA source, different detergent, or change the steps of the original experiment.   See what happens!!

  • what experiment did you perform?
  • what did you discover?
  • did you get the same amount of DNA?
  • Did it look the same?
  • Read other “scientist’s” results.  Did a group that performed a similar experiment get the same results as you?
  • other info….


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