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Units 3 & 4- The Cell & Cellular Energy

Make your own study guide!  A very helpful tool.




Prokaryote and Eukaryote review worksheet 1

Prokaryote and Eukaryote review worksheet 2

Prokaryote structure labeling practice

Interactive Prokaryote labeling practice – with answers/self-quiz

Membrane Structure review sheet – labeling practice

Plasma membrane Tutorial:

Section 7-3: The Plasma Membrane, Diffusion & Osmosis –  video tutorial is 5 minutes long.


 Cell Transport review games and flashcards NEW!!

Cell Transport Practice sheet

Cell Transport Review sheet  Click here for the answers

Paramecium/contractile vacuole

contractile vacuole

A paramecium and osmosis –


cytoplasmic streaming (the “cytoskeleton highway”)-

Unit 3 review worksheet

Unit 3 review worksheet answers


Unit 4 – Cellular Energy

Unit 4 review sheet

Click on the microscope for a “parts self-test”



A good resource for information about plant cells and the endosymbiotic theory

Cell Energy Review

Cellular Respiration and Mitochondria review:

Photosynthesis and Thylakoids:

The following video also contains the Nitrogen Cycle, which we will do in another chapter. Only watch the first 4+ minutes:

The following video also contains cycles we will learn in another chapter. Only watch the first 4+ minutes:


Cell Jeopardy!

Cell organelle self-test with answers – note that there are several self tests for different cell topics (eukaryotic cells, endomembrane system, prokaryotic cells, etc.)

Cell organelle functions “drag and drop” practice

Cell parts games and tutorials – NEW!!

Cell Jeopardy! – can be played with a friend or as a 1-player game  (PDF version of the cell jeopardy game)

Review Cell Organelles with this video from Bozeman Biology:

Cell Organelle Matching Game

Cell Hangman 


Review the Endomembrane System with this animation!

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