McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Chapters 3-6 – The Biosphere

Ecology Unit Overview, Vocabulary, Essential Questions

Chapters 3-6 vocabulary

Warm Ups Ecology Unit

Powerpoint – Introduction to Ecology


Classifying organisms – separate into consumer, producer and decomposer.  Then organize the consumers into omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. Make one or two food chains. Can we make a food web?

Biomes fill-in homework

Powerpoint Energy Flow, Sections 3-1 and  3-2

Food Chain//Web Homework –

Build a Food Web activity

Ecological Pyramids Powerpoint

Fill-in notes: Energy in ecosystems

Food Chains and Pyramids activity

Symbiosis practice


Biogeochemical Cycles powerpoint

Images for notes biogeochemical cycles

Fill-in notes: Biogeochemical cycles


Raccoon Population Game

Lesson of the Kaibab

Powerpoint of Species Interactions


   Invasive species collage example.  Directions:  research the invasive species assigned to you.  Make a collage of pictures with short captions that include the organism, map/location of invasion and possibly the origin of the invasive species, organisms it is affecting and how, other important information such as graphs or statistics, etc.

Powerpoint about Populations

Fill in notes:  Populations

Analyzing Population Trends

Lessons of the Kaibab homework

World Population Movie

“Moving Day” article questions

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch video.  What do you think?  What can we do?


Powerpoint Ecological Succession

Notes image Succession


Climate Change

Graph Matching Activity – match the graph to the statement


Ice Core Samples and Climate Change Data Activity:

Background Reading 

Background Questions

Ice Core Sample Data

Graphing Activity and Questions


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