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Chapter 3-6 – Ecology of the Biosphere

  • Make your own study guide:  here is one started for you. I entered all of the Key Concepts/Learning Goals found on our Chapter Overview and that will be on the first quiz. You need to add the rest of the Key Concepts/Learning Goals to study for the unit test.
  • When studying for your test, be sure to go over all your quizzes, homework,labs and the Chapter Objectives (above).  Another great way to study is by answering the questions at the end of the chapter. has great self-test with answers and vocab review games.  Try them!

If you have difficulty with any specific section, below are some tutorials or helpful worksheets.

Ecology Unit Hangman NEW!!


Ecology Unit Rags to Riches GameNEW!! 

The food chain game – lots of practice with types of consumers and food chains on this website

Amoeba Sisters review of Food Webs and Energy Pyramids:

Amoeba Sisters Tutorial about Biological Magnification:

  • A video to get more detail on Ecological Pyramids:


Amoeba Sisters Tutorial about Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles:


  • Nutrient Cycle Animations – click on each cycle ring to open a new window.  Then click on the button to reaveal all the information that goes with the arrows.

Energy Flow Matrix puzzle to review- Cut each of the squares out (or have Mom do it if you think you will peek!).  Then try to put the matrix back together by matching up the word and definition.

Play Hollywood Squares -The Brebeuf version!  A short review game about Ecology.

Play Version 2 of Brebeuf Jesuit Squares! 

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