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March 20, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/23/20:

Corona Learning – week #2

Look at Portals for the link to our EdPuzzle page. Contact me via email, Google Chat, or text message with any questions. I will have “office hours” from 10-12 every day, but will check email often throughout the day.

Mon. 3/23: Complete the Translation Fill-in worksheet using your notes from last week and/or your online CK12 book. Label A-I on the sheet and glue into BILL if you are able to. If not, try to do a quick sketch and label. Send me a photo via email or so I can check it.

Tues. 3/24: WU: Translation pg 5.  Read section 9.5 of CK12 textbook to help you fill in the Graphic Organizer about Mutations.   If you can print it out and fill it in, great. If not copy the template into your BILL and fill it in. Take a photo and send it to me for grading.

Wed. 3/25: WU: Gene Mutation pg 6. Do page 1 and Part II at the top of page 2 of the Point Mutation Activity. You will have Friday and Monday after spring break to finish the rest of the worksheet. See the video below for help with doing part II.   What to expect on tomorrow’s quiz: you will have a video with questions. You should not need to study and can use your notes and worksheets from the past week to help you out.

Thurs. 3/26: Check in Day!  Sign into our Google Chat room for attendance. Agenda for today’s meeting: go over translation again, discuss the types of mutations.  Then sign in to EdPuzzle to watch the Amoeba Sisters video about Mutations. Answer the questions as you watch the video. EdPuzzle video is not due until 4pm tomorrow. You do NOT need to study as all the answers are right in the video! It’s very short.

Fri. 3/27:  WU: Gene Mutations pg 7 Continue the Point Mutations Activity worksheet from Wednesday. Try to do the other 3 translations of the mutations.You will also have Monday after break to work on the questions at the end, so take your time. Due Tuesday after spring break. Take a photo of the last page only and send it to me. Make a pocket and put the worksheet in the pocket.

coming up after spring break: mutations and evolution.

March 14, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/16/20:

Corona-Learning Week!!!

Please see our class Portals page for the link to EdPuzzle and other information. I also sent you an email.  I will hold “office hours” from 12-2, but will be checking email, Google Chat, and texts off and on all day if you need help.

Mon. 3/16: Bakery Translation Lab – see the video below.

Complete the Lab questions for Wednesday. Codon Translator chart for the Bakery Lab

Anything you are having trouble with? Send me an email, text message or Google Chat message.

Tues. 3/17: WU – RNA page 2   Log into EdPuzzle and complete the video and questions about Transcription and mRNA editing. Write important information in your BILL and highlight important terms.

Wed. 3/18: WU – mRNA editing pg 3 and Codons pg 4.  Complete the 9 vocabulary words for sections 9.1-9.3 using your online textbook.

What to expect on tomorrow’s quiz: 10 questions on Google Forms, some are multiple choice and others are short answer. The topics will cover Central Dogma, RNA, transcription, mRNA editing. You can use all the materials you have, but there is only a limited amount of time!

Thurs. 3/19:  CHECK IN DAY!!   Everyone must log into our Google Chat room at the beginning of our class period 9:30 am. You were emailed an invitation.  We will have a few minutes for Q & A about anything from this week.  You will then take a short Google Form Quiz. I will share the link with you once class begins.

Fri. 3/20: Read and take notes in your BILL over textbook section 9.4 Translation. Do the 1 vocabulary word from 9.4 and answer the 3 Review questions at the end of the reading section. Due by Monday.   Since we are now definitely going to be out until at least May 1st, you will have to start sending me photos of you work for me to grade and give feedback. You can attach to an email or send via text. Email seems to be easier.  Have a good weekend!!

next week: gene mutations and translation

March 6, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/9/20:

Mon. 3/9 : no school! Finish your Candy DNA Replication project for tomorrow and work on your review sheet handed out in class Friday.

Tues 3/10(day 4, 100 min):   Q&A about replication.  Begin Unit 9 – Protein Synthesis. Add vocab, overview and warm ups to BILL.  Do the “coding activity”, add RNA images to BILL, and play Polypeptide Bingo!  HW:  quiz tomorrow over DNA Replication sections 8.4 & 8.5 of your book.

Wed. 3/11 (day 5, 30 min):  Quiz DNA Replication  HW: Watch the Bozeman Biology video Transcription & Translation and complete the worksheet 

Thurs 3/12(day 1 altered, 35 min):   WU DNA vs. RNA   Translation Bakery lab  HW: vocabulary words for unit 9 due Tuesday

Fri. 3/13 (day 2, 60 min):  WU: RNA  Mutations  HW: finish the worksheet if you didn’t finish it in class

coming up: Test unit 9 next Friday

February 28, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/2/20:

Mon. 3/2 (day 4, 100 min)WU: Transformation pg 4 & Discovering DNA pg 5. 30 min to work on History of DNA chart. Use the following: for Griffith; or Khan Academy Classic Experiments video for all the other scientists. Then we will spend some time reviewing the History of DNA’s Discovery.  We will spend the last portion of the period beginning DNA replication – paper replication model. HW: Quiz tomorrow over DNA structure and history of DNA (sections 8.3 and 8.4 of your book). Finish the History of DNA chart.

Tues 3/3 (day 5, 30 min):   Quiz over DNA structure and History of DNA’s Discovery  HW:  Finish DNA Extraction lab if you didn’t do it last week. Watch Amoeba Sisters Replication video

Wed. 3/4(day 1 altered, 35 min): WU Central Dogma pg 3 Candy Replication project  HW: Candy Replication Project due Tuesday

Thurs 3/5  (day 2, 60 min):   WU Replication Enzymes pg 5 & DNA Replication pg 6  Finish the Candy Replication Project HW: project due Monday

Fri. 3/6 (day 3, 40 min):  WU: DNA Replication pg 7  Review worksheet for Replication HW: Project due Tuesday. Replication quiz Wednesday.

coming up: replication quiz, Begin Unit 9 Protein Synthesis

February 21, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/24/20:

Mon. 2/24 (day 4, 100 min): Test Unit 7 – BILLs collected at the beginning of the period. Then add Unit 8 to your BILL. During PRT we will make a paper DNA model to put into your notes.  HW: watch video “What is DNA?”

Tues 2/25(day 5, 30 min):  WU: DNA Structure  Do magnetic DNA model  HW:  Unit 8 vocabulary due Monday

Wed. 2/26(day 1 altered, 35 min): no WU DNA Extraction lab part 1  HW: see last night

Thurs 2/27  (day 2, 60 min):   no WU  DNA Extraction lab part 2 HW: vocab due Monday

Fri. 2/28(day 3, 40 min):  WU: DNA Structure pg 3  Double Helix video, chart of  History of DNA’s Discovery. WEbsite links that were left out of the copy you have: for Griffith; for all the other scientists HW: vocab due Monday, quiz over DNA structure Tuesday

coming up: quiz, DNA replication

February 14, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/18/20:

Mon. 2/17: no school!

Tues 2/18(day 5, 30 min):  WU: Polygenic traits Discuss Other patterns of inheritance (incomplete dominance, epigenetics, epistasis). Do practice problems worksheet. HW:  Test Friday – read the chapter and start on the study guide

Wed. 2/19(day 1, 40 min): WU: Incomplete Dominance   Finish the worksheet from yesterday and discuss sickle cell, cystic fibrosis HW: work on study guide

Thurs 2/20  (day 2, 60 min):   WU: Epigenetics & Epistasis   review day and put all worksheets for the next unit into BILL HW: unit 7 test tomorrow. BILLS collected tomorrow

Fri. 2/21(day 3, 40 min): no WU Unit 7 test HW: none

coming up: begin Unit 8 DNA

February 7, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/10/20:

Mon. 2/10(day 5, 30 min): no WU  Quiz – Pedigrees  HW: none

Tues 2/11(day 1, 40 min):  WU: Genetic Disorders Blood type – model antigens and antibodies, inheritance/paternity testing, how to do a blood type lab test  HW:  read section 7.3 (Non-Mendelian Genetics)of the textbook

Wed. 2/12 (day 2, 60 min): WU: Multiple Alleles    Blood Typing Lab HW: read section 7.4 (Blood Types) from textbook

Thurs 2/13  (day 3, 40 min):   WU: Codominance   time to work on the Blood Typing Lab HW: Blood typing lab due tomorrow, pedigree quiz retake tomorrow

Fri. 2/14 : (day 4 100 min)  WU: Blood Types X 2 Retake Pedigree quiz, Polygenic M&Ms lab  HW: Test over unit 7 next Friday. Make sure you have read the entire chapter! If you have time, you may want to start the study guide.

coming up: test, begin Unit 8 DNA

January 31, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/3/20:

Mon. 2/3(day 5, 30 min): WU: Inheritance   Discuss X-linked traits and X inactivation  HW: none, BILLs collected today

Tues 2/4(day 1, 40 min):  WU: X-linked traits Calico Cats and X-inactivation activity, Start discussing pedigrees  HW: vocabulary Unit 7 due Thursday

Wed. 2/5 (day 2, 60 min): WU: X-inactivation    Pedigree Analysis worksheet HW: vocabulary due tomorrow

Thurs 2/6  (day 3, 40 min):   WU: Pedigrees pg 3    Finish Pedigree Analysis HW:  pedigree quiz Monday, review sheet handed out in class today

Fri. 2/7 : (day 4 100 min)  WU: Pedigrees 2 pg 4 Woody Guthrie and Huntington’s Disease pedigree activity  HW: Pedigree quiz Monday

coming up: Blood Typing – codominance and multiple alleles

January 24, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 1/27/20:

Mon. 1/27(day 5, 30 min): WU: Chi Square Practice    Corn Genetics Lab  HW: Fast Plants lab due tomorrow.

Tues 1/28(day 1, 40 min): No WU Finish Corn Genetics Lab  HW: Test over Unit 6 Friday

Wed. 1/29 (day 2, 60 min): WU: Test Cross     Analysis of corn Lab and review Chi square problems HW: Test Friday

Thurs 1/30  (day 3, 60 min):   no WUTime for Q & A, time to work on unit study guide for on the chapte overview HW:  Test tomorrow!

Fri. 1/31 : (day 4 – altered, 35 min)  no WU Unit 6 test; Add unit 7 to BILL  HW: BILLs collected on Monday

coming up: Begin Unit 7 – human genetics

January 17, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 1/20/20:

Mon. 1/20 : no school today

Tues 1/21(day 1 altered, 35 min): WU: Inheritance of Traits and Punnett Squares pg 7 Discuss science course selection options.  HW: Quiz Karyotypes and Chromosome mutations Thursday.

Wed. 1/22 (day 2, 60 min): WU: Dihybrid Squares      Candy Chi Square lab HW: none

Thurs 1/23  (day 3, 60 min):   no WU Quiz over Karyotypes and Chromosome Mutations.  Begin working on Fast Plants Data Analysis HW:  Test over Unit 6 end of next week. Fast Plants Lab due Tuesday.

Fri. 1/24 : (day 4 – altered, 35 min)  WU: Chi Square Practice Time to work on Fast Plants lab for 30 minutes. Then we will begin the Corn Genetics Lab  HW: see last night.

coming up: Finish Unit 6

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