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Scroll down under the book pictures to see the appointment schedule.  

Extra Credit Book Discussions

I have a number of terrific books listed below for you to choose from.  Click on the image to see a review (the links are not meant for you to purchase the book – they are all in the library).  Choose a book that interests you. Check it out of the library and have fun reading! Take notes on interesting point, things you want to talk about, questions you have as you are reading.   I will set appointment times for our discussion near the end of the semester.  Bring the book with you to our discussion.    Otherwise, just take notes as you read.  

If you have read one of the books before the scheduled appointment times, schedule a time with me whenever you are ready!

You will be emailed a google spreadsheet for sign up of your book discussion time on Monday 11/15/19.

NOTE:  All extra credit must be signed up for an appointment BEFORE Mon. Dec. 16th.     Each discussion meeting takes about 10 minutes. The amount of extra credit you receive depends upon the quality of this discussion. I will ask you about the book, its characters, how it relates to our class, and what you learned. Take some notes as you read to make this easier. 

Choose a time that suits your schedule – you cannot miss another class to come to this meeting. Sign your name and book title.  Write this time down!!!  If you miss your appointment, I will only be able to reschedule if there is another available time slot before Monday Dec. 16th- no exceptions.

  All extra credit must be completed by Dec. 16th.

breathing for a living

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SCIENCE CAREERS – At Brebeuf and Beyond


This PowerPoint contains the information we went over in class that focuses on science classes students may take as a sophomore.  As always, talking to your Biology teacher, your Math teacher, your Academic Counselor, and your parents will help you determine your interests and what future courses you may want to complete.

The Brebeuf Jesuit Course Catalog gives detailed descriptions of science courses, including their prerequisites, that may help you determine which courses you can take during which year of high school as you progress.



If you know that you would like to pursue a career in a science field, biological or otherwise, it is important that you do some research to make sure that the career is what you think it is and that you have an understanding of what high school classes may give you a solid foundation on which to build your undergraduate and graduate studies.  It is also useful to find and watch videos about scientists in different fields.

Here are some resources you may find helpful; however, these are certainly not an exhaustive list!


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