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Unit 5 – Cell Growth & Division


Unit 5 Chapter Overview – Mitosis and Meiosis

Unit 5 Mitosis & Meiosis Vocabulary Flipbook

Unit 5 Mitosis & Meiosis Warmups


Powerpoint Surface Area: volume ratios – Why are cells so small???


Powerpoint – Cell Growth and Division

Chromosome Replication image

Cell Cycle coloring worksheet

Cell Cycle Graphic Organizer

ACTIVITY Mitosis Foldable Study Guide

Cell Cycle Regulation powerpoint

What is Cancer? webquest

Henrietta Lacks podcast –

HeLa Cells TEDtalk

Stem Cells:

Stem Cell (section 10-4) powerpoint

1.  Go, Go Stem Cells – a Learn Genetics Utah interactive tutorial

2.  From 2008(13 min) –

3.  What are stem cells? How can they be used for medical benefit? – a 6minute You Tube video

4.  What is Regenerative Medicine? Learn Genetics Utah tutorial about Unlocking the Potential of Stem Cells.

5.  Stem Cell Therapies – HHMI tutorial.  Watch and take notes over the 12 slides and also watch the 4 minute-long video clip about heart repair from slide 8.

6.  Regeneration:  Watch 2 quick videos –

 A.  Stem Cells Regenerate new Finger – from CBS News 2009

B. Skin Cell Gun using stem cells. (click the link or on the video below)

7.  Stem Cell Debate – Is It Over?  from Learn Genetics Utah


Additional:  Video clip of EuroStemCell  Conversations: Ethics, Science, Stem Cells which discusses viewpoints from doctors, scientists, religious groups, philosophers and patients –

Can we live forever?????  A recent NOVA Science Now video clip that shows how scientists can make new organs in a lab: 

Want to learn more???  Visit the University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center –


MEAT (minus the animals) article

Meat questions


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