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Units 6 & 7 – Introduction to Genetics

Unit 6  Mendel and Genetics Vocabulary Flipbook

Unit 6 Mendel and Genetics Chapter Overview and Learning Goals

Unit 6 Mendel and Genetics Daily Warmups

mendel cartoon



Meiosis powerpoint

Meiosis Foldable

Phases of meiosis video:

Life Cycles Activity day 1 – answer any 15 stations, check your answers, ask questions about anything you are still confused about

Life Cycles Activity Project instructions



Chromosome Mutations and Karyotpye powerpoint

Chromososome Mutations cut and paste activity

Chromosomal Abnormalities Data Analysis


Karyotype Letter  The letter will be about 1 page or longer – double spaced. You will have references!  Do APA internal citations where needed and have a reference list at the end of your letter.

Karyotyping Letter chromosome smears


Mendel’s Principles and Punnett Squares:

Day 1 introduction bead activity powerpoint

Mendelian Genetics powerpoint – alleles, pea plants, Mendel’s laws, relationship between genotype and phenotype

Genetics Review and Punnett Squares problems


Monohybrid cross activity Reflection Questions homework 

mutant genes


Graphing Mendel’s Data assignment

Do you need additional help with Punnett squares?  Try this:  Punnett Squares Review worksheet #1 – I completed a big Punnett square very similar to  the first dihybrid square on this worksheet for you on the video.  Check your answers here. 

Dihybrid Cross Problems

Chi-Square and dihybrid cross problem set




Unit 7 – Complex Inheritance, Pedigrees and Human disorders:

Overview Unit 7 Human Genetics 2020 Complex inheritance and human genetics

Vocabulary flip book for sections Unit 7 Complex inheritance and human genetics

Daily Warm ups Unit 7


Human Inheritance Overview Powerpoint

Calico Cats Case Study – X inactivation powerpoint

X-Inactivation – calico cats


Human Disorders powerpoint lesson

Video – Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania

Video clip reflection questions – Albinism

Hidaya’s Story – construct a pedigree for autosomal recessive albinism

Pedigree Analysis worksheet

Secretariat – X-linked, dominant inheritance

The Blue People of Troublesome Creek pedigree activity

Woody Guthrie pedigree worksheet

Woody Guthrie Timeline


Pedigree lesson/review – determine pattern of inheritance from pedigree information


Section 11.3 – complex Inheritance:

Other Patterns of Inheritance powerpoint      

Epigenetics powerpoint

Polygenic Traits Using M&Ms activity

Homework – Polygenic Trait Powerpoint presentation

Punnett Squares worksheet #2 -“Other Patterns of Inheritance genetics problems” = Incomplete dominance, codominance & multiple alleles 


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