McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Units 6 & 7- Introduction to genetics

Steps of Meiosis game

Meiosis review video:

Meiosis Review worksheet

Meiosis review 2

Bioman Meiosis Review Games – Awesome resource and very interactive!!!



Punnett squares practice problems

Dihybrid Cross practice

Chi-Square tutorial:

Dihybrid Punnett squares and Chi-Square analysis practice – answers are after each question


Pedigree Review

Pedigree Review Answers pg 1Answers pg 2

Pedigree Review #2, Answers to pedigree review #2

Sex-linked trait pedigree help, Answers to sex-linked pedigree


Blood Type Information

What happens if you get a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type?  Try to save some patients in the emergency room!

Review blood types using the Bozeman Biology Video:

Meiosis and Genetics Review worksheet 

Genetics Matrix– a vocabulary puzzle.  Cut out, mix up and try to solve.

Talking Human Genome Glossary – contains animations and sound to help learners better understand genetic terms.

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