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Chapter 16 – Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

whale evolution cartoon

Evolution Unit Chapter 16-19 Overview

Evolution Unit Vocabulary

Evolution Unit Warm Ups


Human and fruit fly chromosomes – compare.  What genes do we have in common with a fruit fly?  Why do we have so many of the same genes?

Summary Powerpoint of all Evolution chapters

 16-1 Darwin & Evolution powerpoint

Hypotheses of Evolution powerpoint – Lamarck’s theories

Natural Selection powerpoint

Selective Breeding – watch the video clip about The Super, Super Cow.

16-4 Evidence for Evolution powerpoint

Evidences for Evolution notes organizer worksheet

“What is the Evidence for Natural Selection?”  Construct a graphic organizer that illustrates the evidence supporting natural selection.   These are the 6 evidences we investigated:

Evidence for Natural Selection peppered moths

Evidence for Natural Selection finches

Evidence for Natural Selection tuskless elephants

Evidence for Natural Selection bollworm/insects

Evidence for Natural Selection bedbugs

Evidence for Natural Selection MRSA


Macroevolution powerpoint – (click here fore the PDF version)homework will be on slides 16-21.

“What is the Evidence for Evolution?”  Investigate the changes in whales over time to answer this question. Use the 3 documents below for this lab.

Whale Evolution Web-Based LabThe timeline stripsThe whale DNA strips.



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