McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Chapter 2 – The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 2 Vocabulary/Study Guide – This is your study guide!  Answer these to study for a test or quiz.  I have separated goals for each section of the text and each lab.


Water Properties review worksheet with answers.

 Properties of Water and pH matching gameNEW!!

pH and acid/base indicators gamesNEW!!

Organic Molecules Review :


 Organic Macromolecule Review Game– NEW!!

Organic Molecule Concept Map Review worksheet

Organic Molecule “Rags to Riches” game – NEW!!

Organic Compound Structure Review – answers are at the bottom of the page.


Matrix review 2018 – A vocabulary puzzle. Print out, cut out each square (or have Mom do it if you think you’ll peek at the answers!), then rearrange back into the 4×4 matrix.  A great way to see what vocabulary you don’t know!

Matrix #1 review 2017

Matrix #2 review Did matrix #1 help you?  Here’s another one to try.

Make your own study guide

Try  there are downloadable flashcards, vocabulary games, and self tests.

Have you tried to do the Assessments at the end of the chapter?

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