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DNA Electrophoresis – Cancer Gene Detection







 Pre-lab:  HHMI tutorial of 8 slides plus a quick video clip about the gene for p53 tumor supressor protein (the “Guardian of the Genome“) and how it is related to cancer.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Develop a pedigree to show how cancer is inherited in one family.

2.  Run a gel electrophoresis to separate the TP53 genes of a woman with breast cancer.

3.  Determine the patient’s genotype based on the gel electrophoresis results.


Key Concepts:  pedigrees, gel electrophoresis, restriction enzymes, cancer, TP53 gene and mutations.


download a copy of pre-lab and post-lab the DNA Electrophoresis – Cancer Gene Detection lab

*this is an EDVOTEK lab #115.

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