McCarter Biology

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Units 8 & 9 – DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis


Don’t forget to try  The vocab flashcards and the self-test is especially helpful.


DNA concept map

DNA Replication animation shown in class


A 1 minute 30 second tutorial about DNA Replication:


Do you need more than just a quick review? Or, were you absent the day we discussed this?  This 10 minute long video will “reteach” the topic of DNA replication:

Replication Review worksheet.



Chapter 13:

Transcription & Translation tutorial (a longer, 13 minute tutorial):


Only need a quick review of transcription/translation?  Try these:

Transcription (1 minute 28 seconds).  It is good despite the fact that “transcription” is spelled incorrectly in the title:


Translation (1 minute 39 seconds):


DNA, Transcription & Translation “Rags to Riches” game.  Try to win the  BIG BUCKS!!

More Translation Practice Questions


Reveiw replication and protein synthesis worksheet

Matrix puzzle for Chapter 12 review – print it out, cut along the lines, try to get it back together by matching the words and definitions.

lac Operon:

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