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Hawaii 2021

We have an exciting BJPS science course!  This will be the 7th time the course will be offered.  The Honors Marine Science Summer Seminar is held at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy located at Hapuna Beach/Weimea, Hawaii June  2021.  Completion of the summer school course will earn a student one semester of honors-level elective science credit.  It will include 3 hours of classroom instruction and about 3 hours of lab work on the beach each day.  It’s not all work – there are LOADS of great field trips and fun activities planned (submarine rides, volcano visits, manata ray snorkeling, and more).  We are at the beach EVERY day, and the school has tennis courts, a pool, volleyball, basketball……….

Important announcements:

The 2017 trip is documented here:  All updates, information, and documents will be found on that website. Access by clicking here.

You can see our Facebook page by searching “Hawaii Marine Science at Brebeuf”

    • Our first meeting will be held in April 2020 before school, after school or during both PRTs. This is for students to meet me and pick up a folder of information.

    • Optional parent and student meeting to get further information will be at the end of April 2020.
    • Applications and $500 deposits are due May 2020. Only 10 students (or increments of 10) will be chosen. First 10 students with completed applications and $500 deposits will be chosen. A waiting list will be started after 10 – there are always cancellations!
    • Your $500 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and should be made out to Brebeuf Jesuit.  It purchases our lodging at Hawaii Preparatory Academy, and must be paid one year in advance. Total trip cost will be approximately $5550.
    • You do not need to be SCUBA certified!  However, it is a fun way to get an up-close look at the amazing sea life during some of our labs, we may have several opportunities to dive (possibly 8) at an additional cost.  The night dive/snorkel with the manta rays is a Brebeuf favorite (and does not cost extra)!  If you want to dive, this summer might be a good time to get certified as next year may be a very short time-frame.


See the Marine Science Summer Seminar’s website for documents, information, and updates.


See a photo slideshow of last year’s trip!  Click on the link below.


Video clips from 2014



 The video below shows one example of a topic about which we will be learning . The video location is one of our laboratory sites. (SeaLife DC1000 Underwater Camera. Video taken by Bill Paul, SeaLife Test Diver. Filmed in Kamuela, Hawaii)


Not necessary to purchase, but helpful texts for reference (used books are easy to find and inexpensive):

Marine Biology, Peter Castro and Michael E. Huber; McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc; New York, NY 2007; ISBN 13 978-0-07-325838-6  or 10 -0-07-32538-5 (any edition will do.  The online textbook also has numerous resources  )

Hawaiian Reefs and Tidepools by Ann Fielding, 4th Edition, Island Explorations, Makawao, HI; 1988; ISBN 0-932596-11-8

Hawaii’s Sea Creatures, A Guide to Hawaii’s Marine Invertebrates by John P. Hoover; Mutual Publishing Co., Honolulu, HI; ISBN 1-56647-235-0.


Mrs. McCarter has experience leading similar trips to Belize, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  She is PADI Scuba certified and her 10 years in Australia has given her a good deal of experience with marine environments and organisms.  Call or email for more details.

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