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Week of 9/23/19:

Mon. 9/23 (day 1 altered, 30 min): WU- Enzymes #1 and #2  Finish Enzyme Foam Model Lab  HW: Pectinase video worksheet due tomorrow. Click here for the video.  Quiz next Monday over Enzymes.

Tues 9/24 (day 2 , 60 min): no WU  Catalase Lab  HW: Read sections 2.8 to 2. 12   

Wed. 9/25 (day 3, 40 min): WU-Levels of Protein Structure Finish Catalase Lab data analysis and make a graph on Excel  HW: Finish reading the chapter in CK12 book. Take notes in your BILL over this info – make them good since you will be able to use your notebook on Monday’s quiz.

Thurs 9/26 (day 4, 100 min):   WU – Enzymes #3 and Factors Affecting Enzymes  Go over chpater 2 test – anyone who received a D or F MUST meet with me during PRT M or N today! Finish Foam model lab – Inhibitors and Activation Energy. Time to complete your Catalase Lab.  HW: Quiz over Enzymes on Monday. BILLS collected after the quiz. Start working on the study guide found in the chapter overview.

Fri. 9/27 (day 5, 30min):  WU -Factors Affecting Enzyme #2  Enzyme review sheet. HW:  Quiz Monday. Finish study guide. BILLS collected Monday.

coming up: Bacteria lab – they GLOW!

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