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February 28, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/2/20:

Mon. 3/2 (day 4, 100 min)WU: Transformation pg 4 & Discovering DNA pg 5. 30 min to work on History of DNA chart. Use the following: for Griffith; or Khan Academy Classic Experiments video for all the other scientists. Then we will spend some time reviewing the History of DNA’s Discovery.  We will spend the last portion of the period beginning DNA replication – paper replication model. HW: Quiz tomorrow over DNA structure and history of DNA (sections 8.3 and 8.4 of your book). Finish the History of DNA chart.

Tues 3/3 (day 5, 30 min):   Quiz over DNA structure and History of DNA’s Discovery  HW:  Finish DNA Extraction lab if you didn’t do it last week. Watch Amoeba Sisters Replication video

Wed. 3/4(day 1 altered, 35 min): WU Central Dogma pg 3 Candy Replication project  HW: Candy Replication Project due Tuesday

Thurs 3/5  (day 2, 60 min):   WU Replication Enzymes pg 5 & DNA Replication pg 6  Finish the Candy Replication Project HW: project due Monday

Fri. 3/6 (day 3, 40 min):  WU: DNA Replication pg 7  Review worksheet for Replication HW: Project due Tuesday. Replication quiz Wednesday.

coming up: replication quiz, Begin Unit 9 Protein Synthesis

February 21, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/24/20:

Mon. 2/24 (day 4, 100 min): Test Unit 7 – BILLs collected at the beginning of the period. Then add Unit 8 to your BILL. During PRT we will make a paper DNA model to put into your notes.  HW: watch video “What is DNA?”

Tues 2/25(day 5, 30 min):  WU: DNA Structure  Do magnetic DNA model  HW:  Unit 8 vocabulary due Monday

Wed. 2/26(day 1 altered, 35 min): no WU DNA Extraction lab part 1  HW: see last night

Thurs 2/27  (day 2, 60 min):   no WU  DNA Extraction lab part 2 HW: vocab due Monday

Fri. 2/28(day 3, 40 min):  WU: DNA Structure pg 3  Double Helix video, chart of  History of DNA’s Discovery. WEbsite links that were left out of the copy you have: for Griffith; for all the other scientists HW: vocab due Monday, quiz over DNA structure Tuesday

coming up: quiz, DNA replication

February 14, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/18/20:

Mon. 2/17: no school!

Tues 2/18(day 5, 30 min):  WU: Polygenic traits Discuss Other patterns of inheritance (incomplete dominance, epigenetics, epistasis). Do practice problems worksheet. HW:  Test Friday – read the chapter and start on the study guide

Wed. 2/19(day 1, 40 min): WU: Incomplete Dominance   Finish the worksheet from yesterday and discuss sickle cell, cystic fibrosis HW: work on study guide

Thurs 2/20  (day 2, 60 min):   WU: Epigenetics & Epistasis   review day and put all worksheets for the next unit into BILL HW: unit 7 test tomorrow. BILLS collected tomorrow

Fri. 2/21(day 3, 40 min): no WU Unit 7 test HW: none

coming up: begin Unit 8 DNA

February 7, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 2/10/20:

Mon. 2/10(day 5, 30 min): no WU  Quiz – Pedigrees  HW: none

Tues 2/11(day 1, 40 min):  WU: Genetic Disorders Blood type – model antigens and antibodies, inheritance/paternity testing, how to do a blood type lab test  HW:  read section 7.3 (Non-Mendelian Genetics)of the textbook

Wed. 2/12 (day 2, 60 min): WU: Multiple Alleles    Blood Typing Lab HW: read section 7.4 (Blood Types) from textbook

Thurs 2/13  (day 3, 40 min):   WU: Codominance   time to work on the Blood Typing Lab HW: Blood typing lab due tomorrow, pedigree quiz retake tomorrow

Fri. 2/14 : (day 4 100 min)  WU: Blood Types X 2 Retake Pedigree quiz, Polygenic M&Ms lab  HW: Test over unit 7 next Friday. Make sure you have read the entire chapter! If you have time, you may want to start the study guide.

coming up: test, begin Unit 8 DNA

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