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March 20, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/23/20:

Corona Learning – week #2

Look at Portals for the link to our EdPuzzle page. Contact me via email, Google Chat, or text message with any questions. I will have “office hours” from 10-12 every day, but will check email often throughout the day.

Mon. 3/23: Complete the Translation Fill-in worksheet using your notes from last week and/or your online CK12 book. Label A-I on the sheet and glue into BILL if you are able to. If not, try to do a quick sketch and label. Send me a photo via email or so I can check it.

Tues. 3/24: WU: Translation pg 5.  Read section 9.5 of CK12 textbook to help you fill in the Graphic Organizer about Mutations.   If you can print it out and fill it in, great. If not copy the template into your BILL and fill it in. Take a photo and send it to me for grading.

Wed. 3/25: WU: Gene Mutation pg 6. Do page 1 and Part II at the top of page 2 of the Point Mutation Activity. You will have Friday and Monday after spring break to finish the rest of the worksheet. See the video below for help with doing part II.   What to expect on tomorrow’s quiz: you will have a video with questions. You should not need to study and can use your notes and worksheets from the past week to help you out.

Thurs. 3/26: Check in Day!  Sign into our Google Chat room for attendance. Agenda for today’s meeting: go over translation again, discuss the types of mutations.  Then sign in to EdPuzzle to watch the Amoeba Sisters video about Mutations. Answer the questions as you watch the video. EdPuzzle video is not due until 4pm tomorrow. You do NOT need to study as all the answers are right in the video! It’s very short.

Fri. 3/27:  WU: Gene Mutations pg 7 Continue the Point Mutations Activity worksheet from Wednesday. Try to do the other 3 translations of the mutations.You will also have Monday after break to work on the questions at the end, so take your time. Due Tuesday after spring break. Take a photo of the last page only and send it to me. Make a pocket and put the worksheet in the pocket.

coming up after spring break: mutations and evolution.

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