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March 14, 2020
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 3/16/20:

Corona-Learning Week!!!

Please see our class Portals page for the link to EdPuzzle and other information. I also sent you an email.  I will hold “office hours” from 12-2, but will be checking email, Google Chat, and texts off and on all day if you need help.

Mon. 3/16: Bakery Translation Lab – see the video below.

Complete the Lab questions for Wednesday. Codon Translator chart for the Bakery Lab

Anything you are having trouble with? Send me an email, text message or Google Chat message.

Tues. 3/17: WU – RNA page 2   Log into EdPuzzle and complete the video and questions about Transcription and mRNA editing. Write important information in your BILL and highlight important terms.

Wed. 3/18: WU – mRNA editing pg 3 and Codons pg 4.  Complete the 9 vocabulary words for sections 9.1-9.3 using your online textbook.

What to expect on tomorrow’s quiz: 10 questions on Google Forms, some are multiple choice and others are short answer. The topics will cover Central Dogma, RNA, transcription, mRNA editing. You can use all the materials you have, but there is only a limited amount of time!

Thurs. 3/19:  CHECK IN DAY!!   Everyone must log into our Google Chat room at the beginning of our class period 9:30 am. You were emailed an invitation.  We will have a few minutes for Q & A about anything from this week.  You will then take a short Google Form Quiz. I will share the link with you once class begins.

Fri. 3/20: Read and take notes in your BILL over textbook section 9.4 Translation. Do the 1 vocabulary word from 9.4 and answer the 3 Review questions at the end of the reading section. Due by Monday.   Since we are now definitely going to be out until at least May 1st, you will have to start sending me photos of you work for me to grade and give feedback. You can attach to an email or send via text. Email seems to be easier.  Have a good weekend!!

next week: gene mutations and translation

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