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November 15, 2019
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 11/18/19:

Mon. 11/18 (day 2, 60 min):  WU Fermentation Muscle Fatigue and Exercise Lab HW: Mitochondria portion of booklet due tomorrow, Bread Dough Lab slide due on Wednesday.

Tues 11/19 (day 3 , 40 min): WU – Cellular respiration #2   Mitochondrial Structure and review the unit.  HW: Bread Dough slide due tomorrow. Unit 4 test Friday.

Wed. 11/20 (day 4, 100 min): WU -cellular respiration #3  Endosymbiotic Theory (powerpoint with worksheet) View Bread Dough slides – What was good and what could be better?    HW: testFriday

Thurs 11/21 (day 5 , 30 min):  no WU   Cell Respiration Kahoot.  Then add unit 5 worksheets to BILL HW: test over Unit 4  tomorrow. This is our last test this semester!!!

Fri. 11/22 (day 1, 40min):  no WU   Unit 4 test and complete chapter reflection HW: none

coming up: Mitosis chapter

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