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Week of 11/4/19:

Mon. 11/4 (day 2, 60 min): no WU  Test Unit 3 – Cells,  chapter reflection, turn in BILLs. Then complete the Photosynthesis Cut and Paste matching activity. HW: complete the Photosynthesis activity tonight if you did not have time during class.

Tues 11/5 (day 3 , 40 min): WU – autotrophs and heterotrophs   Leaf structure foldable. HW: Microscope cut and paste due tomorrow. 

Wed. 11/6 (day 4, 100 min): WU -photosynthesis  Microscope Lab HW: Lab due Friday

Thurs 11/7 (day 5 , 30 min):  WU – microscopes  Guard cell structure. Begin Chloroplast and Mitochondrion booklet – only do chloroplast section for now HW: Microscope lab due tomorrow

Fri. 11/8 (day 1, 40min):  WU – photosynthesis pg 4   Water and Carbon Cycles. Then begin the Algae Beads Pre-Lab HW: Finish chloroplast section of booklet for Tuesday. Quiz over photosynthesis is next Thursday.

coming up: Algae Beads Lab, cellular respiration – fermentation and making bread!

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