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August 23, 2019
by Mrs. McCarter
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Week of 8/26/19:

Mon 8/26 (day 2, 60 min): WU – Interpreting the Data; Finish Graphing Skills from Friday, make a graph of your Yeast Lab data.  HW: Quiz  over Scientific Method and Graphing is Wednesday (sections 1.5-1.9 of your textbook). Test over chapter 1 is Friday.

Tues. 8/27 (day 3, 40 min): WU – Line Graphs . How to do a t-test.  HW: see last night

Wed. 8/28 (day 4, 100 min):  WU –Scatterplots; Quiz.  Time to work on your Yeast Lab. When finished, you can work on the chapter study guide found in the dark yellow chapter overview of your BILL.  PRT will be used for anyone who wants study help for the test Friday. HW: Test Friday.

Thurs. 8/29 (day 5, 30 min):  WU -T Test. Play Vocabulary Jenga.   HW: Finish your study guide for tomorrow.  Test tomorrow.

Fri. 8/30 (day 1 altered, 35 min): no WU Test. When finished, complete the chapter reflection. HW:  Complete the chapter reflection. BILLS will be collected on Tuesday for grading.

coming up: Chapter 2 – Biochemistry

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