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Welcome Class of 2023!

Week of 8/5/19:

Wed. 8/7: Freshman Orientation!

Thurs. 8/8 (day 1, 40 min): Freshwater Invertebrates Lab. Let’s look at pond water under microscopes to see what is really in there. Think about how we know what is alive and what is not.  HW: Get supplies by Monday. You will need a composition notebook and a glue stick. I have glue sticks in the lab, but it will be much faster and easier for you if you have your own. Decorate the cover of your notebook.  Complete the “Getting to Know You” worksheet by Monday.

Fri. 8/9 (day 1, 40 min): Continue with yesterday’s lab  HW:  see last night

Remember that Monday is a Day 2 – that means we will meet FIRST, at 8:15am.

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