McCarter Biology

Biology IS Life

Chapter 12 & 13 – DNA & RNA


Chapter 12 Overview, Vocabulary and Learning Objectives

Chapter 12 Vocabulary flipbook

Chapter 12 Warm Ups


Introductory concept map – how much do you already know and remember from previous chapters?


DNA Structure powerpoint

What is DNA? video:

History of DNA Discovery powerpoint

History of DNA webquest – with updated links – sorry!



DNA & RNA Part 1 video (history of DNA’s discovery, DNA structure, chromosome structure, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic DNA):



DNA/RNA images that you can insert into your notes


DNA paper model template

DNA bases – adenine          DNA bases – guanine       

 DNA bases – thymine            DNA bases – cytosine



 The replication diagram in your notes should look like this-











Steps ofDNA Replication sequencing flipbook

DNA Replication powerpoint

DNA Replication animation 

DNA Replication animation #2

DNA Replication – Candy Activity

Replication review worksheet


Chapter 13 – RNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 13 overview, vocabulary, and learning goals

Chapter 13 Vocabulary flipbook

Chapter 13 Warm ups


Translation in action – Watch the Nova Science Now “Science of Picky Eaters”.

Worksheet to accompany the Science of Pick Eaters video.


RNA images for notes


 Animation – translation of a protein

Animation – translation more advanced

 Powerpoint about transcription/translation

Transcription/translation review powerpoint

Introduction SEPUP transcription/translation animation activity

SNORK DNA activity – you will only be doing part A, B, C or D, not all 4

Polypeptide BINGO


Transcription & Translation Sequence Puzzle

Transcription & Translation Sequence Puzzle images

Transcription and Translation Candy Activity


Protein synthesis crossword review


Mutations Powerpoint  (click here for the pdf version)

Mutations Graphic Organizer

Gene Mutations Worksheet we will do this in class

Chromosome Mutations review activity

Albinism Mutation Lab 2017 – genotype, phenotype, mutations


Section 13.4 – Gene regulation:

lac and trp operon function:

Guided notes for the lac operon video above

Gene Regulation pwerpoint– section 13.4





Hox genes coloring


Epigenetics – Lick Your Rats simulation
Microarray Homework – link to the animation used for the homework:
For further information AND FUN click on this link to do a virtual mircroarray lab

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