McCarter Biology

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Biology Semester 2 Syllabus

Biology Syllabus*

Mrs. McCarter

Spring Semester 2012

Test #1, Cells                 

Chapter/Section                                Topic

7.1 Cell Structure and Function Discovery of the Cell

Exploring the Cell

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

7.2 Cell Structure Cell Organization

Organelles That Store, Clean up, and Support

Organelles That Build Proteins

Organelles That Capture and Release Energy

Cellular Boundaries – Review

7.3 Cell Transport Passive Transport - Review

Active Transport

7.4 Homeostasis and Cells The Cell as an Organism

Multicellular Life


Test #2, Cell Growth and Division             

Chapter/Section                                Topic

10.1  Cell Growth, Division, and Reproduction Limits to Cell Size

Cell Division and Reproduction

10.2 Cell Division Chromosomes



10.3   Regulating the Cell Cycle Controls of Cell Division

Cancer: Uncontrolled Cell Growth

10.4 Cell Differentiation From One Cell to Many

Stem Cells and Development

Frontiers in Stem Cell Research

11.4 Meiosis Chromosome Number

Phases of Meiosis

Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis


Test #3, Introduction to Genetics

Chapter/Section                                Topic

11.1  The Work of Gregor Mendel Experiments of Gregor Mendel


11.2  Applying Mendel’s Principles Probability and Punnett Squares

Independent Assortment

Summary of Mendel’s Principles

11.3  Other Patterns of Inheritance Beyond Dominant and Recessive Alleles

Genes and the Environment


 Test #4 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

Chapter/Section                                Topic

12.1 Identifying the Substance of Genes Bacterial Transformation

Bacterial Viruses

The role of DNA

12.2  The Structure of DNA The Components of DNA

Solving the Structure of DNA

The Double Helix Model

12.3 DNA Replication Copying the code

Replication in Living Cells

13.1 RNA The Role of RNA

RNA Synthesis

13.2 Ribosomes and Protein Synthesis The Genetic Code


The Molecular Basis of Heredity

13.3  Mutations Types of Mutations

Effects of Mutations


Test #5 Human Heredity and Genetic Engineering

Chapter/Section                                Topic

14.1 Human Chromosomes Karyotypes

Transmission of Human Traits

Human Pedigrees

14.2  Human Genetic Disorders From Molecule to Phenotype

Chromosomal Disorders

14.3  Studying the Human Genome Manipulating DNA

The Human Genome Project

15.1 Selective Breeding Selective Breeding

Increasing Variation

15.2  Recombinant DNA Copying DNA

Changing DNA

Transgenic Organisms

15.3  Applications of Genetic Engineering Agriculture and Industry

Health and Medicine (Personalized Medicine and microarrays)

Personal Identification

15.4  Ethics and Impacts of Biotechnology Profits and Privacy

Safety of Transgenics

Ethics of the New Biology


 Test #6 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Evolution of Populations

Chapter/Section                                Topic

16.1  Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery Darwin’s Epic Journey

Observations Aboard the Beagle

16.2  Ideas that Shaped Darwin’s Thinking An Ancient, Changing Earth

Lamarck’s Evolutionary Hypotheses

Population Growth

Artificial Selection

16.3  Evolution by Natural Selection – REVIEW  
16.4  Evidence of Evolution Biogeography

Age of Earth and Fossils

Comparing Anatomy and Embryology

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Testing Natural Selection

17.1  Genes and Variation Genetics Joins Evolutionary Theory

Sources of Genetic Variation

Single-Gene Polygenic Traits – review

17.2  Evolution as Genetic change in Populations How Natural Selection Works

Genetic Drift

Evolution Versus Genetic Equilibrium

17.3  The Process of Speciation Isolating Mechanisms

Speciation in Darwin’s Finches

17.4  Molecular Evolution Timing Lineage Splits: Molecular Clocks
18.2  Modern Evolutionary Classification Evolutionary Classification


DNA in Classification


Test #7 History of Life and Human Evolution

Chapter/Section                                Topic

19.2  Patterns and Processes of Evolution Speciation and Extinction

Adaptive Radiation and Convergent Evolution


19.1  The Fossil Record Fossils and Ancient Life

Dating Earth’s History

Geologic Time Scale

Life on a Changing Planet

19.3 Earth’s Early History Mysteries of Life’s Origins

Origin of Eukaryotic Cells

Sexual Reproduction and Multicellularity

Human Evolution Primate Evolution

Hominine Evolution

 *This is what is planned, but may not be what is actually taught during the semester.  Availability of lab materials and time constraints may cause this to change slightly.